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Home Improvement

3 Ways to Boost your Property Value for Sale or Rental

If you are looking to increase your property value, Reddbox has some advice. Monthly rent or final sale price could increase by up to 20% with these simple tricks. You can increase your property value by refreshing the outside and inside. With varying levels of investment, you can draw more attention to your property.

Exterior refurbishment.

Repainting the exterior, refitting window sills and cleaning up the driveway could see yields and market values soar by up to 10 to 20% according to Towergate insurance. Even a new door handle, paint and a steel plate for the house number can be installed for £100-200. According to Checkatrade, the average house fascia costs between £450 and £1500 to paint fully.

Loft Conversion.

These add between 15-20% on a home’s value, especially if a bedroom and en-suite bathroom is added. Make sure a sizable window and skylight are fitted to increase the amount of natural light and the chance of a sale or rental. The only downside is a loss in storage space. These cost between £20-60k. Planning permission is only required if you are changing or extending the roof space.

Energy Proofing.

This can potentially be a large selling point. Poor insulation or a lack of it, can reduce the home value by 1.7%, or just over £4k. While this may not be much in the grand scheme of things, the savings in terms of energy bills will play a major factor in the willingness of a tenant or buyer to live in the property. 1/4 of heat is lost through walls and 1/3 through the roof. Insulation of both totals £1k for a semi-detached and approaching £2k for a fully detached house.

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