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Switch energy

Switch energy

We’ve partnered with Switched to provide switching energy suppliers on auto pilot mode and save you money all around the year.

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    What do we offer in our Switch energy service?

    Every electrical installation deteriorates with use and age. It is important that the installation is checked periodically to keep it safe and serviceable.


    Boiler service ensures your boiler is running smoothly and reduces the risk of any breakdown.

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    If you are looking for a professional electrician for general electrical work, then book directly from Reddbox.

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    To know more about boiler and heating services and understand what we offer, take a quick look at the complete guide. Happy to help!

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    How to book our boiler service?

    You can get your annual boiler service by following these easy steps

    Sign up/Sign in

    Download the Reddbox app, and sign in using your Email, Phone number, or Facebook profile.

    Book a popular service

    Head to Buy section and select the boiler service. Choose a date and fill in your details to book it.

    Get it done

    We contact you to schedule the time that works for you and deliver the service.

    Why Choose Reddbox?

    Home maintenance can be a daunting task, but Reddbox is with you at every step. Here’s how Reddbox can help you with the annual boiler service

    Fully automated

    Switchd’s smart algorithm keeps checking for a better deal. In general, you’ll get switched every 6-9 months, and help save an average over £400 per year!

    Check every tariff

    Switchd checks the whole market (over 26,000 tariffs), not just to suppliers who pay a commission.

    Best deal

    Switchd check the whole market and find the best deal for you.

    Free and paid plans

    Switchd is always free until they have saved you at least £50.


    Want to know more about Switch energy service? Here are some frequently asked questions that will ease the process and answer your queries

    • Q. What is energy switching?
    • Simply put, energy switching is shifting your energy supplier to a new one to save money. It has been a well-known practice in the UK to switch energy suppliers since the EU started deregulating electricity and gas markets back in 1996. There are many energy switching companies that offer competitive prices and function on a commission-based business model.

    • Q. What is the advantage of energy switching?
    • The biggest advantage of energy switching is cutting costs. Despite the recently introduced energy price caps, switching energy is still the most effective way to save money in the long run on your home energy bills. According to statistics, it is estimated that consumers can nearly save up between £200 to £320 annually just by switching to a new provider and plan. About 80% of people in the UK currently stand to benefit from choosing an energy switch, and according to the UK Government, if every household in the UK switches their energy suppliers and opt for a cheaper tariff, the whole country will have savings of about £2.7 billion. That’s a whopping figure!
    • Q. What is the exit fee?
    • Many people think they will be charged a high exit fee if they leave their current energy supplier. However, they may not know that because of the Ofgem regulations, their supplier cannot charge them exit fees if they switch within 49 days of the end of their current tariff.
    • Q. Does it disrupt power supply?
    • People may also be reluctant to switch because they worry that their energy supply will be disrupted. Although it is a valid concern, in reality, when you switch suppliers, your current energy company will transfer you across to the new supplier on an immediate basis. So, there will be no disruption in supply when you switch suppliers.

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