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Insurances for your property

Protecting property with insurance is great, but managing multiple insurances could be cumbersome. That’s why Reddbox – everything in one place, well organised for peace of mind.

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List of all insurances we offer

A list of all property related insurances that you will soon find in Reddbox to not just buy, but manage as well.

Rent guarantee cover

With Rent Guarantee, there are no missing rent payments from your tenants anymore.

Available in the app

Home Emergency cover

Protect your property from unexpected emergencies. A 360 degree cover will give you the peace of mind

Available in the app

Gadget cover

Protect all your gadgets installed in the property.

Available in the app

Multi-appliance cover

Cover your domestic multiple white & brown goods in one single cover.

Coming soon

Smart phone cover

Your smartphone probably keeps you connected with the world. Protect it with our unique cover.

Coming soon

Appliance cover

Repair or replace cover for the essential home appliances in the home.

Coming soon

Building cover

Buildings Insurance covers the structure of your home if they are damaged by events like floods, fires and storms.

Coming soon

Content cover

Home Contents Insurance covers the items in your home that you would take if you moved house.

Coming soon

Landlord Insurance

Get a peace of mind from day one with Landlord Insurance, a comprehensive cover that protects you against losses suffered in connection to a rental property.

Coming soon

Hire tradesmen, take out insurance and store the paperwork in one app

Organise all those essential documents, book and manage various home services – all from one app

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360 degree property management

While the home services help you keep up with your property maintenance, Insurances help you protect your property from unforeseen circumstances. Without cover, you risk having to pay unexpected repair or replacement should something unexpected happen. That’s why we are getting ready to offer various insurance covers such as Building, content, home emergency, appliances, gadgets and many more. When we say comprehensive property management with Reddbox, we mean it.

3 Easy steps to get started

This easy-to-use app comes with an advanced set of features to help you carry out every activity effectively.

Just follow three steps to get your work done.


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We are making property management simple and accessible on your smart device. So start the journey and see how we can help you save your time and money

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