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Building An Annex For Your House: What You Need To Know

Building an annex could add up to 20 to 30% value to your property and increase its appeal on the rental market, with minimal investment needed. They have been nicknamed ‘granny annexes’ on the basis grandparents tend to use the room if living with their children. This allows for a 50% council tax reduction. They can also be used as a warm area of work or relaxation as an alternative to the main home. Either way, the possibilities when building an annex are vast.

The average annex costs around £90k to build, £65k at the low end and £140k at the high end. While this may seem steep, it can attract up to £400 a month more (given the average rental pcm) than a house without one and up to £200k more if on the market for sale.

Planning permission is required if a relative intends to live in the annex. However for leisure and the use of immediate family, it is deemed incidental outbuilding an would not require permission. When searching for a builder, make sure you use a contractor you trust, with a solid track record and good customer rapport.

Whether you use timber or brick, double glazing or extra plumbing, an annex is meant to be flexible. Any opinions on the annex? Let us know on our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook channels.

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