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Digital organiser

Stay on top with our
Digital Organiser

Our built-in Digital Organiser ensures you’ll stay on top of your to-do list – never miss an appointment or deadline again.

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Manage Your Documents In-App

The easy-to-use app comes with an advanced set of features to help you carry out every activity effectively. Just follow three steps to get your work done.

Warranty Tracker

Keep all dates, terms, and conditions in one place for easy access.

Manuals Search

store user manuals and see them automatically linked to your product.

Receipts and Invoices Catalogue

Refer to financial documents whenever you need.

Support Info Directory

Refer to brand specific support services, pulled directly from our directory.


Never miss a deadline or date again with our helpful reminder service.

Upgrade Your Filing System

Keeping your property management world in one place helps streamline your working practices and cut out the inefficiencies. Never forget a date or deadline again and save time with our in-app Digital Organiser.

One Click Sharing

We know you’re busy, and that property management can take a village, not just one person. With our Digital Organiser’s One Click Share optimisation, you can not only upload but share relevant property information and documents with other Reddbox users.
Just click ‘Share’ from your dashboard in-app to get started.

Uploading A Document In 4 Quick Steps


Select Product

from your app dashboard, select one of the various products or services under ‘Add Products or Documents’.


Select Property

select the property the product or service relates to.


Input Details

click through our pre-selected options to provide the best reference; brand, specific insurance type, or style of purchase.


Upload From Phone or Email

finally, upload the appropriate documents from your phone or email account.

Now everything’s in one place for next time you need to reference – how easy was that?

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Reddbox – Your
One Stop Solution to Property Management

From heating services to renter’s insurance, we have you covered. Our comprehensive range of property management services, insurance options, support and document management is here for the taking, just waiting to save you time and make things simpler.

What are you waiting for?

Pop the kettle on, download the app, and let’s start making property management painless.

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