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About us

About us

Our mission is to use technology to simplify property management and save time and money in doing so.

Technologies are for everyone. So we put all the complex technologies and logics under the hood to make property management simple.

Our goal

Help in saving time

Save your time with the one-stop solution, so you can spend the time doing what you love to do.

Technology for everyone

Simplicity is our mantra; no complex workflow, no difficult user journey.

Be there when needed

Our support team is on hand to answer all of your questions if you ever need them.

Reduce paper waste

Enabling everyone to keep digital records for all their products, insurances and services.

Data ethics

A trust relationship with our users.


We use and store your data to enhance your experience on our platform.


We have built security to protect user data and use them only to provide a seamless experience.


Our financial products are designed for all property owners; they were not created to produce personal gain for Reddbox. We will never sell your data.


Start the journey with Reddbox

We are making property management simple and accessible on your smart device. So start the journey and see how we can help you save your time and money

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