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Rising Energy Bills? Consider a Log Burner

Why Consider a Log Burner? The appeal of log burners returns as rising energy bills start to affect households and Britain spends more hours in the cold and the dark. Burning wood is not only more environmentally friendly than using gas or heating oil but also proves more cost effective. Rising energy bills are even less tolerable now the fuel price at the pumps is at an all time high. Fireplaces can also add more thousands to the home making the installation or refurbishment costs minimal. And, the snap, crackle and pop.

What Do they Cost?
Log burners start at £500 to install, and most are between £1-2k with the most expensive ones going for £4-5k. Then many homes with fireplaces have either been blocked or the chimneys not maintained, so an additional cost to clean and unblock the fire place will be necessary for some households. For more information, homebuilding has a comprehensive guide.

More Figures:
The Energy Saving Trust estimates a 10% saving on heating bills by using a fireplace. 1/3 off electric and 13% off gas based off the Stove Industry Alliance’s figures.

Contributor’s note:
Growing up near the sea, with a fireplace in our house, the scent of a burning wood fire and sea salt blowing in the winter winds formed a memory of my childhood that always stays with me. Point: A fireplace gives your home a character to liven up your house in the cold and dark. It may even bring your family closer together.

The verdict:
Log burners are more of a quality of life solution but are also more economical, especially if you already have some of the existing features in your household to accommodate one. Dogs like them too…

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