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Investing In Property Builds? Here is What You Need to Know.

Investing in property can be done through different avenues.
Investing in an SIPP (Self-Invested personal Pension):
This involves choosing your own property investments from a pension pot, you can find out more about them here. In short, they are a DIY pension fund for investors that know what they want to invest in and want to concentrate funds there instead. Investors can acquire their own commercial premises using a SIPP and effectively become a tenant of their own property. The rent paid by the business accumulates tax-free within the SIPP. Paying this regular market rate of rent rises with the property market over time and is not subject to Capital Gains Tax.

Join a Partnership or Syndicate:
This involves a part ownership in a property with partners where partners pay tax as individuals. The exception to this is the LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) when the company receives and divides up profits and you pay corporation tax. There are investor groups online and in person, besides searching for investment partners through family and friends. Firstly though, make sure to trust your partners and that your goals are aligned, a property is a large investment, so make sure you do it right. This allows you to jump in on a lower budget.

Buy to let (BTL):
The option that of course, Reddbox recommends. This involves taking out a specific BTL mortgage or purchase a second property in an area that is likely to yield good monthly income vs the size of the investment. Interest rates have risen marginally but are still competitively low. You then have a role in managing the property yourself but many services (hint: ours helps with some) are available to deal with the work needed, in return for not having to pay a commission to a pension fund or stakes to other partners. Ideal for the more time spoiled DIY oriented investors.

Ultimately it depends on the budget, time and how involved you want to be in your investment. Whatever it may be, Reddbox is here to point you in the right direction.

Reddbox is also launching new insurance products in December, so you can take out insurance, manage your plans, and streamline you property management all in one app. 

Our offer: Download the app and start saving time managing your properties. Follow the screens to provide your details, and that’s it. Some of the key features why you should consider Reddbox are  –

  • A completely app-based, super simple service booking process.
  • Options to pay for the service over a few months without any additional interest or fee. See our rates here. Be quick, we are running promotional rates at the moment.
  • You can book the service seven days a week, which means no need to disrupt your busy day.
  • A very transparent cancellation and refund policy.
  • And the best one – Reddbox will automatically organise all the relevant documents such as invoices and certificates.