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Property Investments in a Retirement Plan? Reddbox Gives Its Verdict.

Retirement looking closer? Property earnings often rise steadily as opposed to the stock markets, which tend to go through bull and bear cycles. The S&P 500, the US stock market index, is down just over 5% so far this year, drawing more interest to the consistency of the property market. Rather than collecting stock dividends, or as an alternative, investors can collect income from buy to let properties for peace of mind in retirement. 

Diversification is Key.

Investments in stocks and bonds, despite the bear market, are the best hedging tools to keep money accumulating in the wake of a 5.4% rate of inflation at the moment. The key is to treat cash savings as an insurance policy. Using this to invest in tracker funds and ETFs is another great way. Make sure to do your research and speak to a financial advisor of your requirements before making any investment decisions. All Reddbox recommends is that investments in general are paramount to securing your financial future. 

Buy to Let Holds Up.

Rental income, despite taxes and maintenance costs, often holds up as an easy income generator with minimal work needed. At a later date, the properties can easily be sold for a lump sun of cash to invests elsewhere or to live off of. Besides multi decade exceptions like the 2007 housing market crash and the following financial crisis, property always holds its value over the years.

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