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8 key reasons to consider servicing your boiler every year

The heart of your heating system is the boiler, and that makes the boiler service essential for it to be running efficiently and problem-free. Servicing the boiler is also about saving money, although that is a part of it. Just like you purchase various types of insurance, servicing your boiler is an annual expense you shouldn’t skip. Without much further ado, let us discuss in depth why you need to service your boiler every year

What is a boiler service?

An inspection of your boiler by an expert gas safe engineer to ensure all the boiler components are running as expected, the emission of carbon monoxide within the accepted limit and a general check of the central heating. The engineers also see if any of the components may require changes soon and advise the next course of action.

How often should I service my boiler?

Though there is no legal requirement either for the home owner or for the landlord to service your boiler regularly; but you should plan to service your boiler once a year. It not only keeps your home safe but also keeps the warranty (both from the manufacturer and insurance) contact.

Boiler Service – why is it so Important

Managing costs

Although boiler servicing goes beyond expenses, money is still a huge reason you should get the servicing. Consider this- if you wish to repair your boiler, it will easily cost you about £182 (https://www.tfgas.co.uk/why-service-your-boiler). Replacing a gas valve or a printed circuit board will cost you almost £250, perhaps even more than that. And replacing the boiler will surely burn a hole in your pocket. However, the annual servicing cost is less than £100, which is almost nothing in comparison! So if you aren’t maintaining your boiler on your own, guess what- you’re going to need repairs soon enough. Hence, the annual service can help you save a lot in long run.  

Saving energy

Servicing your boiler contributes to saving energy and is simply better for the planet. It boosts efficiency by about 15% and ensures that your boiler is working at an optimal level year-round. This way, your central heating system consumes less energy and saves heating costs while being eco-friendly at the same time. 

Preventative measure

Boiler servicing acts as a preventative measure to ensure that the central heating system in your home is in perfect working condition. Furthermore, your engineer can inform you well before it becomes an expensive problem if it needs any maintenance. Regular servicing also protects the health and helps in preventing carbon monoxide poisoning, which is surprisingly more common than you might expect. 

Unpredictable weather in the UK

When it is warm and pleasant outside, boiler servicing may seem like an unnecessary expense. But when it is winter, and you need central heating and hot water the most, that’s when most of the boiler repairs and breakdowns tend to occur. Winters come with several issues, including leaks and frozen pipes, and a defunct boiler is the last thing you need. So it is wise to have your servicing done on time to avoid boiler breakdown during winters.

Increased demand in winter

Cold weather is not only unpleasant but also leads to increased demand for boiler repairs. Winters also bring with them the festive season, which causes an even higher need for repairs and replacements. You certainly want to avoid having to live without central heating or hot water while you wait to get your boiler fixed. Instead, annual boiler servicing will give you more convenience and allow you to book a slot for the time and date you prefer. In case the boiler needs any repairs, you can choose it according to your schedule. 

Detecting problems early 

The Gas safe engineers generally follow a list of checkpoints when servicing the boiler. These are (but not limited to) 

Visual inspection

A visual inspection ensures that the boiler still meets current standards and requirements and looks for any corrosion or leaks. It also includes the check of the flame in the boiler.

Removal of the boiler casing 

To check every component and inspect their working.

Flue check 

The engineer will ensure there are no obstructions in the flue terminals and that the flue is safely fitted.

Gas pressure check  

This one is easy to miss. Keeping the pressure right ensures the flowing of hot water and generating heat.

Boiler fired up  

This allows the engineer to check for any active faults.

Keeping it safe

The key objective of the service is keeping you safe. Carbon Monoxide is a real danger to anyone with a fuel-burning appliance in the home. Regularly servicing your boiler ensures combusting fuel safely and efficiently, minimising the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Keeping warranty intact

 Remember all types of home emergency insurances only covers your boiler breakdown only when you keep your boiler serviced every year. Some of the manufacturer warranties are also applicable only when the boiler is regularly serviced. Missing the service in a year will void the warranty. 

For the Landlords

Though boiler service is not a legal requirement for a landlord, a gas safety check is. So if you are booking a Gas safety, then why not add boiler service at the same time for a substantially discounted rate.  

What we offer

Now that you know why you shouldn’t give that annual boiler servicing a miss, you can make an informed decision about it. Here is where Reddbox can assist you. We at Reddbox can help you buy and manage insurance and maintenance services under a single platform, including your annual boiler servicing! So go on and get that yearly maintenance service without any hassles! You can know more about this in our blog section.

At Reddbox, we made it super simple to book the boiler service. Download the app and follow few screens to provide your details, and that’s it. Some of the key features why you should consider Reddbox are – 

  • A completely app-based, super simple booking process
  • Option to pay for the service over few months without any additional interest or fee. 
  • You can book the service seven days a week, which means no need to disrupt your busy day
  • A very transparent cancellation and refund policy. 
  • And the best one – Reddbox will automatically organise all the relevant documents such as the invoice and the certificate. 

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