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Rent Out Offices? Flexible Leasing and Lower Maintenance Costs Are Appealing to Investors

The pandemic has seen an exodus from the office to the home space, whether that be part-time or full time for different companies. Despite these developments, renting out office space can still provide a sustainable and lower-cost source of income.


Traditionally office leases were signed long term, but with recent changes leading to short term increases and drops in demand for certain products and services, businesses may not always be keen to sign a long term lease. As a result, flexible leasing has a growing appeal to office tenants, and landlords will be sure to catch on to this development.


The trend towards smaller office spaces more decentralised from London, particularly on the Thames Valley and the M4, has seen growth since the pandemic. A recent CBRE finding revealed that the take-up of office space in the South East was 58% higher in 2021 than in 2020, rendering a significant centralised London location not always suitable for the changing needs of companies.

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